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MFM: 3 cheese gnocchi with mushrooms

Another MFM recipe, this one is really awesome, it serves 4 at a push, but you may need to increase doses or add a salad, since there are never left overs.


  • 2 cups gnocchi (can use spinach, we use potatoe)
  • 1 onion finely chopped
  • 2 cloves garlic (may need an extra one depending on cheese)
  • At least 2 soft cheeses (about a cup fill), like goats, mascarpone, or smooth cottage cheese can also use ricottoa
  • One hard cheese (about 2 tablepoons grated / sliced fine) that has a bit Parmesan or Grana Padano or something like that. No stringy cheese.
  • Protabello mushrooms
  • 2 teaspoons of thyme / parley (best case fresh, but can use dried)
  • optional black pepper for when you serve
  • 2 table spoons dry white wine (optional, but use if not using black pepper), can use a teaspoon of white vinegar instead, this cuts through the cheese
  • 1 teaspoon olive oil


  • 30cm frying pan
  • Large pot for doing the gnocchi
  • Knife and chipping board


  • add oil to pan
  • chop onion very fine add to the pan with oil warm
  • Chop garlic, and thyme, when onions translucent (should take 2-3 mins) add to the pan and reduce heat
  • Chop mushrooms to bit size add to pan
  • Start boiling water for gnocchi in pot (you need a deep pot and a lot of water about 5 liters at least)
  • Once mushrooms have produced water let it reduce of about a minute, then add wine  reduce
  • Chop soft cheese into little thumb nail size squares
  • Chop or gate the hard cheese (if chopping, chop into very small pieces, this is preferred)
  • Once wine almost reduced add soft and then hard cheese, stir in all ingredients until mixes and melted
  • By this time the water should be boiling
  • Add gnocchi to water
  • Remove pan for heat (all the cheese should be melted and liquid)
  • As the gnocchi rise to the top scoop off and add to sauce, once all added toss them so they are covered in sauce.
  • Serve with a little black pepper if wanted.


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