Young's Double Chocolate Stout

Perhaps I will perhaps I won't. I have been enjoying specialist or micro brewery (although some I think are not so micro) beers for a while now and have not kept a log. In an attempt to help me un fog my mind I'm gonna try write some thoughts on each wheni remember them.

The first one to move me to do this (though far from the best) is the young' Double Cholocate Stout. My daughter is a chocolate lover (we'll I am too, but she was with me when I went to my favourite outpost of beer in Claremront Liquor City), so I choose this knowing that stout/porter is one of the types of beer I like. It was a little on the steep side, a little below R50 so I only took one.

So is there a double Cholocate taste, well yes, but it is subtle. I think it is called double chocolate since it has chocolate malt, and chocolate flavoring in it. The stout taste does dominate it is a smooth beer with good smokiness and then a little of the chocolate taste comes through. It is not as gassy as the famous stout of world record proportions but it is gassier than the micro brewed porters I have had from Wild Clover And British old engine oild. I prefer the a lack dog from Wild clover breweries it is far more drinkable.

All in all aromatically it is sweet but subtle so 6/10 and Flavours are good but not over powering so 8/10 after taste has the chocolate so also 8/10 morishness is about 6/10 so total 7/10.

Aromas: 6
Flavours: 8
Aftertaste: 7
Morishness: 6
Will get again: 6
Total:  27