My brief Android experience forced me to buy an iPhone

Recently I took my iPhone 4 in since once again I had cracked the screen, 3 times in 4 years.

Firstly I must say I was slow to go to the iPhone, but once I did I was in love. Finally with one device I could really and simply manage all goodies. To give you an idea these are the applications I use almost daily:
  • Email, for both company (Microsoft Exchange based) and personal use (Gmail Apps)
  • Accuweather
  • Audible
  • iTunes
  • Deezer
  • Evernote
  • Standard Bank App
  • Browsing (using chrome)
  • HAI (for home automation)
  • Camera with sharing
  • Not so often facebook and twitter too
So once I got use to the weird Android interface I install all the above besides iTunes (I tried a few rip off products, we cannot use Google Music in SA at the moment so I was unable to use that, perhaps that was one of the reasons I was unhappy with the experience) and I was not paying another R700 for my HAI software.

Besides that I was surprised that many features I considered standard were not there, I had to down load Sleep and torch since I use these too.

The Good

  • Wireless handling seems a little better than the iPhone, seems to identify string signals easier (both at work and home we have multiple wireless zones that we connect to)
  • Google integration is good Picasa (pity it is such a rubbish app, so I no longer use it) etc integrated well
  • There is an anti-spam feature for SMS's which I like, a little easier to use than iPhone's block caller system

The Okay

  • The widgets are interesting but they create clutter
  • the swipe keyboard is an interesting concept not quite there yet
  • the audible app works better on the Android device than the iPhone, not sure why

 The Reasons I went and bought an iPhone

  • I missed my iPhone predictive text. I found both the swipe keyboard and the standard keyboard terrible. Where on the iPhone I am almost too confident the correct word is selected not matter how rubbish I type I found I was checking and rechecking what I typed all the time, and when you send some many remote messages this is a problem
  • the text selection is terrible some times I go so irritated trying to select text I just retyped it, cursor control is archaic.
  • iTunes - I love iTunes, since it has been available in South Africa I have been catching up on all the music I had on vinyl and more. I ended up not loading any music on the phone since it it would cost to do more than 25 songs etc, so lived off Deezer
  • Why do I need a app section and a desktop section, the iPhone combines this and it is far better, this is the same criticism I have for Windows Phones
  • Quality - the product just felt rushed and cheap, there is no polish
  • The phone rebooted twice in the week I had it, WHY?
  • Even though we have wireless MB connection it kept telling me my Internet was unreliable
  • Screen accuracy to finger always appeared out and I was forever doing things a few times to get it done.

I was so irritated I found a second hand iPhone 5 and bought it. now I am happy again. Give Android 3 years and perhaps it will be good :)


catskinner said…
Dig the irony:
"almost too confident the correct work is selected"
Nah, not "almost". Problem with predictive text is that people are unpredictable.