Page 404 for Outlook Web Access 2003 - fixed

After reinstalling a server, with active website our Outlook web access allowed us to login but after logging in gave us a page not found error 404.

We check the permissions the folders etc. We could browse the Exchange virtual directory but we could not browse the exchange-owa folder.

After searching a number of websites, including that pathetic experts exchange I stumbled upon this site:

In IIS I checked that .net version and after reading it figured out that the .net version of the intranet site was version 4.

I checked the exchange virtual folder and saw it was greyed out, so this means it is inheriting it so by right-clicking on the Default Web and going to properties of the default site I change it to version 2.

Then I went to the intranet sites and changed them to version 4, and the Exchange sites inherited the default website setting.

Problem fixed.

Cannot believe there was not a reasonable error message that could lead me there, like incorrect .net version.

Disappointing indeed, but at least it is fixed