Quick Items to remember when restoring data after a crash.

Quick Guide restore and backup

Items you should have done

Things that you need to have done before, sometime we have not done them all but see what you can do
  • Made backups
    • Of data (try have more than one place and more than one backup)
    • Config - especially website and application
    • Of databases
  • Stored in a text file (and also backed this up) or some other place
    • Network IP address and configuration info
    • Driver letters and shares
    • user names
    • Hardware config, ram, hard drive size etc

Restoring Guide

  • Get server / machine up and running
  • Install all patches and update FIRST
  • Install Applications
  • Do restore
  • If you have had to reimplement domain, or as a precaution
    • Log into workstations and back up setting to external drive / USB
    • If there is problem with the mail profile create a new one DO NOT overwrite the old one, you may need it