Quality as a measure

I have a question for Joe Soap out there, do you need price to dictate quality?

How do we determine if something is quality? Well it should.be by assessing the product and comparing it to other products and developing a subjective perspective on the products, then determinng which product is a beter quality. 

Well that sounds logical but does it work like that. I saw a test on mind games where they took the same wine and presented it differently, using price and packaging as a guide. And guess what the more expensive the consumer was told the wine was the beter they thought it was even though it was the same product. 

This is a quite sad. Is. Is it based in the fact that we are unable to determine quality as a measure without a pricing and packing as a guide?

Do we need others to tell use what is good and what is not? We all say we have our own choices but do we?

Recently this came to light when I discovered that people were sure that a product that cost more was beter when in fact it was not. In fact the product was being sold at an exorbitant price and there was no justification for the pricing, since the real awarded winning product was worth that price, but the product was not from the same selection. By charging more the people believed that they were getting the award winning product, because the price said so. 

Are people really that easily fooled?

Well start doing your own testing and you will see I have a point. Buy product that is similar but the pricing is different and see what you find. Do blind taste tests, invite others to help. I beter you will be surprised.