Clearing invoices marked for emails send later or batch in Quickbooks 2013

One of the few great new features in Quickbooks 2013, is that fact that you can send batch emails.

The problem with this feature is what happens if you have a whole lot marked for batch, and you only want ot send one lot. Well it look like you are up the paddle without a stream.

Here is how I solved it.

What you need:

QB 2013


1. In Outlook take it off line, this varies per the version some you can just right click in the task bar others you need to go to Send/Receive->Work offline
2. Go to Quickbooks. Under preferences make sure the email is set to be sent via Outlook. I normally have this off, as since 2006 version I have had problems sending PDF files direct to clients, instead I use a gmail account that automatically forwards reply back to my accounts email. So I have this set to SMTP. But for this excercise, in Quick Books Edit->Preferences->Send Forms. I have set the Send Email Using to Outlook
3. Open up an invoice / estimate. Click on the arrow underneath Email, select batch.
4. This will collate all the emails and send it. There seems to be some sort of limit on the number of emails, so you may need to deslect and then select. But send the emails.
5. Go in to Outbox is Outlook, select all the emails sent press Delete.