Integral life practice a perspective, if you have a heart beat buy thisbook

In the last year I have spent a lot of time reading and researching many books by some brilliant authors. James Hollis, Deepak Chopra, Wayne dryer, the Dali Lama, Ken Wilber, Caroline Myss  and Ekhard Tolle to name a few. No this is not a name dropping exercise but rather an introduction.
ILP cover

Add to that the many leadership and google talk and sounds true self acceptance videos I have watched and listened to over the last year, and my mind is still searching for my own perfect porridge like Goldilocks, but I feel happier doing it. 

I would still recommend that each individual, goes on their own internal quest to try get a better understanding of themselves, their ego and their own spiritual beliefs. 

But I think that any logical individual needs to look at the book "The Integral life Program" by Ken Wilber and co.

Why is this book a must. Well it firstly breaks things down into easy to understand sections of life. Namely mind, body, spirit and shadow. This together with the more complicated to understand quadrants of the life experience what they call the I, we, it and its quadrants. This creates a great foundation for anyone interested in growing in understanding of themselves and the way they interact with and deal with the world.

The practices in the book are also a great start and give you the base for you to develop your own approach to the mind, body, spirit and shadow. Even if you do to apply the practice, understanding the levels and layers and quadrants will give you a clarity that you may be seeking.

Either way enjoy you own personal goldilocks quest.