Is the the best Microsoft can do? Windows 8 is still not here!

So on the 26th of October 2012 Microsoft released hardware and software for their new Windows range

I have been so excited about this release, since their first tablet was released just after XP in 2003. Their tablet version was great it had a fantastic new concept Inking.

I used this extensively from 2003 until recently. It allows you use a computer for computer stuff and also have the ability to use it to replace your standard A4 pad of paper. With journal and one note and later Evernote I had a device that could finally replace paper.

Except for two things:

  • Size and portability. Even with small laptops from HP it was still too big
  • It took too long to go in and out of sleep mode
These two reasons was why I think the product from Apple suddenly became the gadget to have. Everything you can do on an iPad can be done on a standard Windows tablet, but you need to get past the turning on and lug-ability of the device.

So this is why I was excited to see the new product. With preliminary videos and releases it was looking good.

Then the release.

Where is this product? Samsung had a cool XP tablet where is their Windows 8 tablet? Where is This remarkable piece of hardware Surface. Especially surface pro.

What is pro?
Well it is the tablet product we have been waiting for. A small form factor Tablet that is running a revised version of windows that is built for mobile. Pro has a pen, RT (the non pro version) does not.

So RT is a regression to compete against the iPad. This is not Windows 3 taking on the Apple Mac. There is not compatible boom behind Microsoft this time. In fact ACER has stated they will only bring out a RT product in 2013. And who are they? They 5 or 6th biggest? Where are the other hardware people? There is a  Lenovo and Samsung product. But what is it and where can we buy it. HAS Beta finally find a way to beat VHS?

There are too many other players now. With Andriod sleeping with anyone who will say ginger bread, honey comb or other types of candy this is the time for the people that made the GUI available to the world, not just a few people who designed adverts, to stand up and take themselves seriously use all that money they have made from that success to be a success.

Is it old age?

All I can say is that they better pull their finger out. I cannot find a release date for Microsoft Surface Pro in South Africa, the UK site says coming soon, so does the US site. Microsoft said once that only 30% of their sales are based in the US. Get into gear Microsoft you are asleep, is Steve to old? Are the other youngsters that grew up on 95 more driven?

So 2 weeks after their so called release still nothing is out, well at least nothing worth buying that is not just an iPad in different cloths and Microsoft is no longer the emperor, the crowd will notice that the cloths are not special in fact they do not exist.

Summary of Windows 8 versions
If you are looking for a summary of what is supposed be released:
  • Windows 8 RT or standard is the same as Windows 7 Home or XP Home or Vista Home
  • Windows 8 Pro is the same as Windows 7 Pro or XP Pro or Vista business
  • The the Microsoft hardware stuff
    • Microsoft Surface 8 RT - Microsoft's hardware that runs Windows 8 RT
    • Microsoft Surface 8 Pro - Microsoft's hardware (when and if it is released) that runs Windows 8 Pro
So will these products ever exist? Well perhaps so. But I think the meteor is on the way and Microsoft is the dinosaur that is looking sky ward.

But they say you can download the upgrade, and more people then ever have. In comparison the the sea of people buying Android an iPad devices this collection of people barely make a stream.