Motivational Ideas

There are many motivational people out there, and many techniques. Over the last month I have had to reflect back on this stuff and look for new messages from old. Whether it be John Kehoe, Louise Hay, Depak Chapra, Dale Carnegie or the secret there are some principles that seem to stick out.
  1. Learn to appreciate yourself. Louise Hay says look in the mirror and say to yourself something like this I am wonderful intellegent and a beautiful. Watch your expressions and see at which point you stop believing if at all. If there is a point then that is the point at which you are running through a negative message that has been planted in you by your past. Affirm it 5 minutes at night and 5 minutes in the morning, to release that negative message. This will help rebuild the cognitive pathways to reverse the negative.
  2. Appreciate what you have, your health, your position, your friends and give thanks for it
  3. Use the belief that "Only good lies in front of me"
Also write down what you want went there is something in that list you cannot believe that work at reversing that belief. If you have a negative belief you can reverse it by checking the belief when you think it and repeat a positive message to yourself that releases the negative message you have allowed to negate that belief.

So create a  set of positive affirmations and say them to yourself five minutes before you sleep or brush your teeth. OR when you are stuck in a meeting or waiting for something.

Some things worth nothing about working with yourself and others. Applying Dale Carnegie to yourself is the first step to applying it to others.

  1. Steer away from criticizing, complaining or condemning
  2. Give honest, sincere appreciation
  3. Arouse in others (and yourself) an eager want
  4. Be genuinely interested in other people (and yourself)
The old adage if you can only think of something horrible to say refrain from saying it.

How to carry your self through life, 7 rules to consider:

  1. Fill your minds with thought s of peace courage and health
  2. Never try get even - never waste a minute thinking about others
  3. Expect ingratitude, give for the joy of giving, and cultivate gratitude
  4. Count your blessings
  5. Find yourself and be yourself
  6. Make lemonade if given lemons
  7. Forget unhappiness by creating happiness in others.