SAN Cicrus mostly a winner

The South African National circus. Is now running shows daily. They say they are heard to stay and I hope they are.

For the most part it was a great almost 2 hrs of entertainment. And for R18 for a family of four it is reasonable. The acts are good and local.

If you want to enjoy the circus evenings then here are two things a recommend you do:

  1. Take your own pop corn and drinks. They sell there but you have to queue for coupons then queue for food. And they ran out of pop corn. My kids almost did not get but the kids that did not started their experience negatively
  2. Take cotton wool for your ears. The music was so loud I clocked it at almost 110 decibels o. My app. That is almost as loud as a rock concert. I spent most of the performance with my fingers in my ears, as did some others. I tried to find someone to get them to turn it down but they obviously could not hear what I was saying.

Do those two things and them the show will be enjoyable. My girls lived it.