In Business be honest to yourself

Many people dream about running their own businesses. I know I dreamt for years before taking the plunge. And it is a plunge I have taken 3 more times. So what have I learnt. Each business has had moderate to great success. My latest foray has been a little different as I have had some capital, this gave me the flexibility to really set standards.

You need to be in the business because you love it. And also determine why you love it. For me I have been in the coffee industry now for five years, and my basic philosophy of only selling what I am prepared to drink was a founding principle, and even though along the way I let product creep in that made me a buck, I have closed those product lines.

I find it amazing how I meet people who have taken the plunge and how much they have lost their way listen to the complainers in life. Those people who always want to provide negative criticism on whatever crosses their path. Ignore it. Those people who give positive advice are the ones you take to heart. If Joe X says you coffee is crap, and cannot tell you why, ignore them. You cannot be everything to everyone, so be everything to yourself.

If you are the entrepreneur you had a reason why you started the business, and I bet money was not the primary reason. You saw a product or server you thought people like you would like, and so you are offering it. And carry on producing a product of a quality you are proud of. If you are going to be like the cobbler and never enjoy you own offering then you will never be able to believe in your product.

Anthony Robbins once said that we all have a preference for our own type of chair, some like arm chairs, some rocking chairs and some a stool. In business selling to those that like what you like should be your goal. Chasing a buck is a major reason most companies fail.

Once you know what you like and can provide, the rest just requires commitment, good admin, and great service.

I hope this little rant gets you by.