Open letter to anti piracy movement

I am a big believer that you should support the people responsible for art and music by buying their product. I believe without support artists are not rewarded for their work.

The problem I have is with the distributors, and why I believe that electronic distribution is the only way forward. In South Africa it is unfortunate that this option is not really available, but the methodology I have adopted is to get items electronically then order the hard copy via an on-line shop or similar sometimes not even opening the package, when delivered, although normally I like to read the printed material out of interest.

Why do I prefer this. Well after I have purchased a product, I have to be subjected to the distributors advertising. I did not ask for it and why do I have to have it thrust upon me. Recently I order a few CD's I had downloaded and inside there was a advertising glossy, that is pretty easy to dispose of. But this is not the case with DVD's. Why do I have to be forced to watch advertising before I am allowed into the main menu of the DVD. This is ridiculous.

You cannot press menu to by pass, you are not given any option besides being forced to watch the advertising. If I download a feature from a site that allows me to, on the condition that I have the original media then I do not get adverts, I just get the feature. And besides bandwidth I technically did not pay for it.

For kiddies movies this is especially the case. Luckily the kids are not so fussy about 5.1 sound, so I have no purchased software that takes the feature film off the purchased DVD and lets me save it to another DVD, and I can even put a number on a single DVD. NO Advertising, no hassle auto play, the way it should be from the distributors.

So artists! Stop whining about piracy get the distributors to embrace the new (actually it is over a decade old) technology, or do it yourself.

While some artists and distributors are letting their coffee get cold, whining over lost revenue there are those artists that are getting rewarded by embracing electronic distribution. Give your fans easy access to the products they want and you will be rewarded.