A new site using FREE Google Sites

I believe that Google sites is one of the best kept secrets.

Recently my Mom had asked me to put a site together for her to show here art to prospective buyers. Initially I just threw together a quick and dirty site to get her up and running, but afterwards she kept asking me to upload this pic and that pic, so I started looking around for open source Gallery products.

After playing with a few, that look quote good, I found their setup tedious an requiring to many auxiliary downloads, like MySQL (it is now over 100MB to download, that is definitely one reason to go for SQL Express)

After playing around a bit when I had time I thought, surely using Picasa and Google sites must be an option. 4 hours later I had a site up and running, nothing brilliant, but she can upload photos of new art when she wants, and can change anything she likes. The site does not work too well on a mobile device but otherwise it is fully functional. Her potential client just need to click on Gail Machanik Gallery.

Obviously I forked out R50.00 to register the co.za domain, and got it forwarded to the google sites page. You can see how to do that stuff in an earlier blog entry.

So seriously spread the word, it is time that everyone who is no so techno literate had a site, time for the internet to be the virtual world it is slowly becoming, even for South Africans.

So get yours today go to sites.google.com, and get started.